Monday, 25 June 2012

My Travel Bag

This is what my travel bag looks like.
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Home again

We enjoyed two wonderful weeks in Pigna, Liguria, Italy! The weather was hot and sunny 90% of the time; the local food was delicious; our son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren arrived a few days after we did, having got their visas at last, so a good family time was had by all.

Our apartment was in the medieval village, which was very interesting. The whole experience was what I had envisaged as a holiday in the mountains in Italy: a small village populated by local people and not too commercialised. For the first few days we were able to relax and unwind in peace and quiet before the grandchildren arrived. The photograph below shows me doing what I had dreamed of doing: sitting on the terrace at the apartment doing cross stitch!
We took several day trips by bus or by car and here are the grandchildren, Emily and Alexander, with the backpacks I made for them ready for another adventure.
My travel bag was very useful and I was pleased with it. If I make another one, I will divide the large inside space with a zippered pocket; otherwise it met all my needs.

Unfortunately, I had a fall on the bus going from Nice station to Nice airport on the way home. I put out my right hand to prevent banging my head so banged my hand instead. It became very painful so I went to the hospital yesterday to have it checked out. Fortunately, nothing is broken and it is just soft tissue damage. So I should be able to cut out fabric and begin sewing again before too long. I was worried it would be weeks and weeks before I could sew again! Of course, there is the small matter of having to go to work again on Wednesday night...!! I wonder how long my tan will last??

Friday, 8 June 2012

Packing my bags

These are bags that I will be packing in my suitcase. A simple backpack for each of my two grandchildren. I really made them as packaging for a DVD and a couple of magazines to keep them occupied but they might use them to carry something light.

I'll also pack the grocery tote I made myself from Lisa Lam's new book, 'A Bag for All Reasons'. It might come in handy when I visit the village market.

It's really neat the way it rolls up and fastens with a popper.

The packing will get done this afternoon and we are praying that our family will be able to join us very soon!


I said this blog would be about life in general as well as sewing; well, this post is just that.

About a year ago we started planning a holiday with our son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren from Durban, South Africa. We decided that, instead of their coming to the UK, we would meet up in Italy for two weeks after which they would go to Paris and Euro Disney with the children. In order to visit Europe, they need special visas, which they applied for at the beginning of May. TWO DAYS before they were due to leave, the visa company they used told them the Italian consulate wouldn't issue the visas as they were landing in France before driving to Italy; they would have to apply to the French Embassy in Johannesburg. My daughter-in-law flew to Johannesburg and, despite her pleading for an emergency visa, was told that it takes seven days to issue a visa and she will just have to delay her holiday!

So ... we will fly off to Italy as planned and try to enjoy ourselves while we wait for our family to join us. I guess we must try to remain positive and enjoy what little time we will have together but, right now, the excitement of a much anticipated family holiday has waned. What it is to be at the mercy of a visa company that appears not to have done its homework and then unbending bureaucratic laws! All we can do is pray that God will lift our spirits and give us real quality time together - when we get together!

Friday, 1 June 2012

A photo of my travel bag

Well, I seem to have managed a photo! This is the bag I have made for myself to take on holiday.

This shows the inside of the bag with the zippered coin purse attached to safety strap.