Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another Craft Fair

I think I am ready for the next Craft Fair, which will be this coming Saturday, 1 December, at St Andrew's Church in the village of Paull. I have no more sewing time left as I have to work for the next two nights, so what hasn't been made now won't get made.

Here is a photograph of part of my table at the Craft Fair at Sunk Island on 17 November:

I have made some more bags to replace those that I sold as well as a couple more. Today I made three Kindle covers:

and I've also made a couple of Christmas gift bags:

I rather like this tote bags; the little wooden hearts look sweet:

Well, I'll report back after next Saturday! I'm feeling rather tired right now...

Sunday, 18 November 2012

After the Fair

Well, the Craft Fair got off to a slow start but picked up around lunch time. Some people looked at my bags and walked on; some came back and looked again and a few bought! I only sold five bags; at least I paid for my table! The bags I thought would sell, based on the fact that they were similar to some I have orders for (like the toiletry sets) didn't sell. Oh well, they will be on the next Craft Fair on 1 December.

I wonder if doing Craft Fairs is worth it; I prefer making bags to order. I know the customer will get what they want and I enjoy the challenge of searching for fabric and adapting patterns to suit a person's wishes. Maybe this community just isn't into bags!? The retired gentleman at the table next to mine was selling wooden items he makes. He seemed to do a good deal of business, especially door wedges with cute little mice on them. Mmmm - maybe I should try my hand at something different? I don't think so.

Right now I'm tired, having worked last night and will do so again tonight and tomorrow night. I certainly didn't make enough money yesterday to retire just yet!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Craft Fair tomorrow!

I think that I am ready for the Craft Fair at Holy Trinity Church Heritage Centre on Sunk Island tomorrow. I just hope that the people who come like the bags that I've made. Here are a couple to preview:

The Love and Peace toiletry set.

Pink poppy toiletry set.

I'll give a report back after it's all over. Then I will have to prepare for the next Craft Fair on 1 December.