Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Another Craft Fair

I think I am ready for the next Craft Fair, which will be this coming Saturday, 1 December, at St Andrew's Church in the village of Paull. I have no more sewing time left as I have to work for the next two nights, so what hasn't been made now won't get made.

Here is a photograph of part of my table at the Craft Fair at Sunk Island on 17 November:

I have made some more bags to replace those that I sold as well as a couple more. Today I made three Kindle covers:

and I've also made a couple of Christmas gift bags:

I rather like this tote bags; the little wooden hearts look sweet:

Well, I'll report back after next Saturday! I'm feeling rather tired right now...

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  1. Lovely Margaret,I hope the fair goes well. I've got mine on saturday too. What did you think of the vote on women Bishops? I am very sad, was hoping it would go through.