Monday, 3 December 2012

After the Fair is over...

The Craft Fairs have come and gone. Interestingly, I made exactly the same amount of money at each of the Fairs where I had a table. I didn't sell very many bags but two of the Kindle covers sold and I received an order for a bag in the same fabric as one that was on sale but it is to have longer handles that go over the shoulder and a top zip closure. I have some orders to make up before Christmas so that will keep me going and bring in a bit of money but I'm feeling rather unimpressed with sewing for Craft Fairs; it is so difficult to know what people are going to buy.

There was somebody with a table near mine who was selling quilted cushion covers (on cushion inners) and shopping bags. Her bags were very basic denim shoppers imbellished with a few flowers; they were not lined, had no inner pockets etc and were a fraction of the price of my bags. She sold about four of them. It seems that tote bags made with pretty fabric, magnetic snap closures, inner pockets and key fobs are not so appealing. (A description of my bags.) What do people want??

Anyway, here are photos of my tables at the Craft Fairs:

Why is it that one never has everything you need for a project? I have to go and buy a couple of zips and some threads in order to get on with my orders. It does mean that I can go and have coffee at my favourite coffee house!


  1. Hi i saw your blog over on facebook with sew christine and thought I would pop over and say hello xx

    1. Hi Tracy

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog! What do you do with the bags you make? Are you just a bagaholic and use a different one each day or do you sell them?

      Best wishes