Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mug swap 2014

I joined in with Cupcake Mumma's (Hannah Brooker) mug swap again this year and it was fun, once again! I was matched with Debbie Jeffery, who told me, amongst other things, that she likes horses and writing and all things to do with the post. I found a mug with postcards on it and decided to make a mug rug to go with it. I used some horsey fabric for one side and made the other like a postcard, complete with appliqued stamp and message. I even made a card (not really my 'thing') and embellished it with some rather attractive stamps from South Africa and Swaziland.

I told Debbie that poppies are my favourite flowers and she sent me not one, but two beautiful poppy mugs and a lovely variety of hot chocolate, tea and coffee to have in my mugs.

Thank you to Debbie for my mugs and thank you to Hannah for organsing the mug swap!