Monday, 28 January 2013

A sewing machine shop

Today the Great Golfer assumed his role as an Assistant Curate and went to a clergy meeting in Bridlington. He persuaded me to go with him and have a day out in the seaside town. The sun was shining, although it was about 3 C, so I set out to enjoy a walk and fresh sea air. A good walk and coffee and a toasted teacake later, the weather changed to very windy and cloudy. I decided to wander around a bit more and discovered the Bridlington Sewing Centre. I took shelter in the shop and browsed for a bit then got into conversation with the very nice proprietor, Mr Hall.

What a joy to talk to someone who really knows about sewing machines! He has been in the business of selling them and repairing them for 40 years. He was impressed that I still have my Bernina 740, bought 46 years ago, and that my new machine is a Janome. I resisted temptation and didn't spend too much money - just bought some new bobbins for the Janome. At least I now know where I can go if one of my machines needs fixing or if I want to buy a new foot for the Janome. The shop also has a rather nice range of fabrics but I kept my eyes averted!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Charity bag

This is the first of the totes I decided to make for charity. I haven't made another one yet as I have been making six placemats for a friend; they match the little criss-cross coasters I made for her for her birthday. Photo will follow when the light is better; it's rather dull today as it's snowing again.

Another try

Another attempt to add a photo.
These are the waist bags I have made for some of my colleagues at work. They tie on like an apron and will hold a notebook, pen and small items they might need while on shift.

Photograph misery

I'm going to try and upload some photos again.

It's just not working and I don't know why!! Very frustrating! Before, when I clicked on the 'Insert Image' icon, the window would open and I could browse for the file/photograph I wanted. Now there is no option to browse, just the side menu of places where I don't have any photos I want to upload. I can put photos on facebook and email them but not put them on Blogger.

Any suggestions?

Monday, 14 January 2013

I've not been idle!

I haven't posted for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't done any sewing! In one of my early blogs I explained that I was given the name 'The Bag Lady' by colleagues at work because I have made many little waist bags for the staff to wear. Some of these are getting rather worn etc so I promised to make a few more after Christmas. I have made four and will photograph them when the light is better. I also mentioned that I was going to make some tote bags for charity and have made the first one. Photo to follow.

Meanwhile, the Great Golfer and I took a short break and went to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast. We had a relaxing time and the weather was kind to us. We had one day with clear blue sky and sunshine and spent the time walking around Whitby. We came home on Saturday in time to beat the cold weather that was forecast. It arrived last night and we have had steady snow since lunch time today and there is a good covering outside. It's dark now but I might take a few photographs tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are a couple of photographs taken last week in Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby.

Later: I can't seem to download any photographs from my computer so I'll try another time.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

An end and a beginning

Today I completed my first sewing project of 2013: a child's back pack a friend ordered. Her first granchild, a baby boy, is due in a few weeks and she asked me to make her a back pack to hold several little things she has made for the baby. She had seen the photo of my grandchildren with their back packs in Italy and thought it would be something her grandson could use as a baby and then when he is older. This is what it looks like:

A long lasting project has come to an end. I started a crocheted blanket for a double bed long ago; in fact, I can't remember when I started it but it must be a few years ago. At first I used wool from my stash and from a half-completed jumper of my daughter-in-law's, but I soon had to buy balls of wool as it grew bigger and bigger. It is the first double bed blanket I've made and I managed to complete it just before the end of 2012. This is what it looks like on the bed in our spare room:

Already my hands feel idle on these cold, dark evenings so I'll be looking for something to do pretty soon. I actually did some cross stitch the other evening, after plugging in my daylight lamp, but I do find it a strain on my eyes at night, even with the lamp.

As far as sewing is concerned, I have a cover to make for my daughter-in-law's food processor and that's all in the pipeline at the moment. The Red Cross charity shop in a nearby little town has advertised for craft items to sell in the shop or at craft fairs so I think I will use some of the fabric I've been given over the years to make some shopping bags for them. Who knows what 2013 will bring, though? I seem to be planning holidays at the moment!

Next week the Great Golfer and I are going to a seaside town for a few days. It might not be the best time of year for a seaside holiday but we both need a break (he has conducted five funerals in two weeks plus all the Christmas services) and my aching body is telling me to take a break from work. Yesterday I booked my flights to Bahrain in February! Off to see my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren at last! Then in May we have booked a visit to the rest of our family in South Africa. I do hope you are planning some recreational time in 2013.