Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sewing for myself - for a change.

I'm feeling very excited about having a comment on one of my posts - the first! As a beginner in the blogging world, I'm still finding my way so it's encouraging to know that there are some people who have actually looked at my blogs. Still no success with posting photos but I'll get there!

The Great Golfer is out on the golf course in the rain and I've been sewing - need I say more? I have actually made a bag for myself in preparation for flying to Italy soon. I hope I've now included all the features I might need in a bag to use when I fly: an adjustable strap that goes across the body or can be shortened to go over the shoulder; a magnetic snap for ease of opening and closing; an external back pocket to hold a boarding pass and passport until safely in the plane; a couple of internal pockets; an internal snap hook with a coin purse attached for foreign cash; enough room inside for my puzzle book, a book to read, tissues, hand gel and dark glasses. I've flown many times so by now I should know what I need and want! The bag is also nice a light so it won't weigh me down before I even load it with all my goodies.

Now I'm off to make some bunting for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations this coming weekend. I've made many meters for the village community cafe but this lot will be for our house.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Why bags?

About five years ago we were considering the possibility of moving from a four bedroomed rectory into much smaller retirement accommodation. I mentioned that my one regret would be that I would have to get rid of my big Bernina sewing machine which is in a cabinet. My son said it wouldn't matter as I hardly ever used it. Ha!! My husband gave me the Bernina for my 20th birthday and it had been my faithful sewing companion for over 40 years; I decided to show my son a piece of sewing or two! I wanted to make myself a hat to wear in the sun so went to buy a pattern. As I looked through the relevant section of a pattern book I came across a pattern for tote bags and thought, 'I can make one of those.' I bought the pattern and made my first bag and, as they say, the rest is history. I still haven't made myself a hat, though! I also still have my Bernina as we moved into another four bedroomed rectory!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Why 'The Bag Lady'?

My main hobby is sewing and I make bags more than anything else. I work as a carer in a care home and my colleagues have given me the name The Bag Lady. Here is the story of how that came about:

A year ago the organisation of which our care home is a part, came to the decision that the staff would no longer wear uniforms as they made us look too institutionalised. Without our uniform tops we found ourselves with no pockets in which to carry a small notebook, pen, watch and other small items. I had a small waist bag that I started using but my friend didn't have one so I said I'd make her a little bag. I tried out a couple of ideas and came up with a small double pocket on ties like an apron. A couple of the other carers saw the first one and asked if they could have one too and so it continued. I'm not sure how many of these little bags I have made over the last year but it must be over 40. As new carers join the staff they ask for one and a few bags have been torn or ruined by leaking pens and have been replaced.

All these bags have been made using fabric from my stash or fabric that I've been given. Some colleagues make special requests so I've bought some fabric with cats on it for one person. Most of the staff are pleased to have any fabric but I have managed to make a pink one and a purple one as requested. The only male member of staff has one made of fabric left over from a toy bag I made for my grandson - it has big trucks on it!

I received a very nice 'thank you' card from the staff, which was addressed to The Bag Lady and the name has stuck! I must say that I still get a good feeling when I see the staff coming on shift tying their little bags around their waists!