Saturday, 26 May 2012

Why 'The Bag Lady'?

My main hobby is sewing and I make bags more than anything else. I work as a carer in a care home and my colleagues have given me the name The Bag Lady. Here is the story of how that came about:

A year ago the organisation of which our care home is a part, came to the decision that the staff would no longer wear uniforms as they made us look too institutionalised. Without our uniform tops we found ourselves with no pockets in which to carry a small notebook, pen, watch and other small items. I had a small waist bag that I started using but my friend didn't have one so I said I'd make her a little bag. I tried out a couple of ideas and came up with a small double pocket on ties like an apron. A couple of the other carers saw the first one and asked if they could have one too and so it continued. I'm not sure how many of these little bags I have made over the last year but it must be over 40. As new carers join the staff they ask for one and a few bags have been torn or ruined by leaking pens and have been replaced.

All these bags have been made using fabric from my stash or fabric that I've been given. Some colleagues make special requests so I've bought some fabric with cats on it for one person. Most of the staff are pleased to have any fabric but I have managed to make a pink one and a purple one as requested. The only male member of staff has one made of fabric left over from a toy bag I made for my grandson - it has big trucks on it!

I received a very nice 'thank you' card from the staff, which was addressed to The Bag Lady and the name has stuck! I must say that I still get a good feeling when I see the staff coming on shift tying their little bags around their waists!


  1. Hi,

    I love sewing bags as well. I am a beginner sewer and still have a lot to learn.

    I also recently started a new blog with 3 of my crafty friends. There are 4 of us - one is a baker, a jewellery maker, a scrapbooker, and there's me - the sewer.

    I hope you can check out our blog:


    1. Hi Verna

      Thanks so much for your comment - my first! I'm so excited! I didn't even realise other people were looking at my posts. Although I've had to use a computer a lot I'm a real beginner at blogging and still finding my way. I haven't had any success with posting photos yet but, when I do, I'll post some photos of my bags.

      It must be fun blogging with a group of friends and contributing all your different skills and interests. I have no sewing buddies here and feel quite lonely at times but thank goodness for the internet!

      I'll take a look at your blog.
      Best wishes

    2. Hi Virna

      Sorry about the typo in your name!


    3. Thanks so much Margaret for leaving a comment on our blog. I was so excited when I saw the comment from you.

      Yes, please do post photos of your bags - I would love to see them.

      Thanks again!