Sunday, 8 July 2012

Back in action!

I am back sewing again, at last! My hand is much better, especially since I bought a support for it. There are only a few actions that cause pain: writing by hand; cutting with a knife; using scissors and ironing. The last two don't help with sewing but thank goodness for rotary cutters!

I had to make a colleague a tote bag as a birthday gift. She loves pigs and collects anything with a pig on it. I bought some new curtains at a charity shop some years ago and had one whole curtain left so I was able to 'fussy cut' two pigs out for the outer bag. I completed the front and back with log cabin style patchwork. Inside are two slip pockets, one of which has a rather startled looking sheep on it, as though it has found itself in the wrong bag! There is also a snap hook for keys and the bag closes with a magnetic snap at the top. It is quite a big tote bag but I hope my friend finds it useful as well as fun. I've called it a 'piggy bag' and will put a piggy coffee mug and a chocolate 'Peppa Pig' lolly in it. Here it is:

1 comment:

  1. What a cute bag! I'm sure your colleague loved it.

    I hope your hands will get better soon.