Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Zippered wristlet bags

I have felt under some pressure to get one of my orders made, although the bags are Christmas presents. I just hadn't bargained on spending time away from home helping our daughter-in-law sort out and pack up her home in order to move to Bahrain. Anyway, these little bags don't take long and I was able to deliver them a couple of days ago.

The lace butterfly motifs really make the black and white bags. I was so relieved to find these motifs on ebay as the person who ordered these bags wanted them identical to a bag I had made some time ago and which she saw and liked. The motifs on that bag had been in my stash since I bought them in 1994! But this is my favourite:

I absolutely love this fabric, Makower Poppy Perspectives. I found it on ebay as well, which was a lovely surprise. The bag was ordered for someone who also loves poppies. I hope she likes it; I know I would if I received it.

Please note the beaded zipper pulls!


  1. Oh Margaret, I love the poppy fabric!

    How was the craft show? Did you sell these wristlets at the craftshow?

    Virna from Craftmates

  2. The two Craft Fairs I'm doing are still to come. These little bags were an order but I have a couple for the craft fair on 17 November. I have so much sewing to do but have been away for a week again, helping our daughter-in-law pack up her house for their move to Bahrain. Well, they are there now and I feel emotionally and physically drained. However, the sewing must go on and I'm about to go to a local shop to do some urgent shopping; zips and threads plus some black and white fabric.

    Take care.