Monday, 24 June 2013

The Garden Party that nearly didn't happen

Last Saturday was the date for the St Nicholas Church, Keyingham, Garden Party. Every year this event takes place in the Rectory garden in June. We arrived home from our holiday in South Africa and had to do some serious grass cutting and digging of weeds to get the garden reasonably tidy for the day. Unfortunately, the weather was very unpredictable and rain and strong winds were forecast for the day. At 07.30 in the morning the organising committee made the decision to hold the 'Garden Party' in the village hall. In some ways, it was more convenient but there wasn't the same atmosphere - and it didn't rain but the wind did blow. Oh well...

A lot of people came and things seemed to go quite well. I had made a number of very simple shopping bags for the craft table, mainly from fabric that had been given to me over some time. I took nine bags and seven were sold. One lady said the two she bought were going to Hong Kong! Now I'll have to get on and make some more for a sale due to take place at the care home where I work.

Here are the bags I took last Saturday:



  1. Great job Margaret! I wish I can sew that many tote bags for our upcoming craft show. Unfortunately, I am quite long does it take you to make one tote bag?


    1. Hi Virna

      These are very simple tote bags: just an outer shell with a lining and a pocket. I suppose that from cutting out to completing it takes me just over an hour. If I have to join pieces etc it can take longer.

      I have been making this lot over the last few months, just when I have time and no other sewing to do. It also helps not to have young children demanding attention!

      I am sure you will have some lovely items for your craft show!

      Best wishes