Friday, 4 April 2014

More Spring sewing

It's been such a treat to have this week off between shifts at work! I've spent most of the time during the days sewing, except for Tuesday. I have a friend, a colleague from work, who organises a lunch for three of us about once a month and we got together on Tuesday. We enjoyed a few hours together and shared some laughs. Times like that are good for the soul!

On Monday afternoon I spent some time with the ladies who run our Community Cafe in the village. They want to have some place mats for the tables in the Cafe but neither of them are very experienced sewers. I cut out the mats at home and thought we would get on with the sewing but, for the second time, the rather old sewing machine one of them had borrowed, didn't want to work. So one pinned the layers of the mats together, I sewed them together, and the other lady trimmed them and turned them the right way around. I've brought them all home and will try to fit in the rest of the sewing in between what I'm doing.

I made some more Easter Egg bags and they are now on sale at the Community Cafe.

I made another Spring Bag using fabric left over from a bag I made for my daughter-in-law. It has a matching pouch and bamboo handles. I think it looks very fresh and 'cool'.

Last year, when I was in South Africa, I bought a couple of pieces of fabric. With the start of the Tour de France due to take place in Yorkshire, I thought a Bicycle Bag would be appropriate. It has leather handles.

The World War I commemorative fabric has arrived. I have been wondering what to make with it and then thought of the song, 'Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag ...'. So I'm going to make some kit bags; not big ones, just small ones that will take some sports shoes or that kind of thing.

I think I might have done enough sewing for this week. Perhaps I should do some housework and ironing tomorrow. I like the saying, 'A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine.' My machines are both working perfectly!

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  1. Lovely bags, as usual. Great job Margaret!