Friday, 15 February 2013

Work in progress

I haven't posted in a while but I haven't been idle. I'm actually having a problem with my left eye, which aches nearly all the time. I went to an optician who prescribed new glasses but that made my eye worse! So I've taken them back and decided to see a doctor as I thought it might be sinus. She checked me out and said my sinuses appear to be fine but she has referred me to an opthalmic surgeon. I will see someone in the next couple of weeks after I come  back from my trip to Bahrain to see our son and his family. I leave on Monday and return home on 1 March.

Despite being rather careful about using my eyes too much, I've done a bit of sewing: four more charity tote bags and I've started two crocheted blankets. I sorted through my stash of wool and found quite a lot of bits and pieces of double knitting. The colours aren't wonderful and the squares are rather mixed in appearance but I've done a few to start with. I now don't have enough colours to contrast with quite a bit of dark green so I will wait till I can get my hands on some more bits and pieces. I also found quite a lot of 4 ply wool left over from knitting for my second granddaughter, so I decided to start another blanket just to keep myself occupied.

So the blankets are works in progress but I'm happy about that. I enjoy doing squares because I can take my work in the car or wherever I go.

The double knitting squares. This blanket will probably go to a dogs' charity.

The 4 ply squares. This blanket might end up on the craft table at our church sale.


  1. Sorry to hear about your eye problem I hope it gets sorted very soon, have a lovely time visiting your family xx

  2. Enjoy your time visiting your family in Bahrain. I hope your doctor finds out what wrong with your eye.

    Take care,