Friday, 22 February 2013

Busy in Bahrain

Phew! I was a bit concerned for a minute as everything in Blogger was in Arabic! Thank goodness I found where to change the language.

I arrived here last Tuesday morning to quite cool weather but that was a good thing as it has allowed me to climatise gradually. Today is bright and clear and is going to be rather hot. My arms got sunburned on Wednesday when I went for a short walk around the lagoon here at the complex where my family lives; later today we are going to watch my son play cricket and I wish I had a sun hat.

It's so nice to be with my son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren and get a taste of what their life is like here in Bahrain. I think that my daughter-in-law is amazing the way she drives long distances to school and into Manama to fetch my son from work. This island is very congested and the traffic is horrendous. The motorways are all like the M25! There are massive trucks all over the place because of all the construction going on.

Yesterday I spent an interesting couple of hours at the Bahrain National Museum after which Sharon and I treated ourselves to a manicure and a FREE shoulder,neck and head massage! Today she is taking me to a FABRIC SHOP after cricket. Yippee!

As usual with a visit to my children, the little sewing jobs have emerged: out came the trusty Bernina so that I could repair the seam on my son's trousers; I've handstitched the collar on a jacket for him and sewn a button on a pair of shorts. More will appear before I go home, I'm sure. I did also bring some cross stitch and crocheting with me in case I needed to fill time while everyone is at work.

I will put some photos on my blog when I get home. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my adventure here in a very different country and culture.

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