Sunday, 3 March 2013

Home again

I arrived home on Friday after a rather long trek: Bahrain Airport to Abu Dhabi; Abu Dhabi to Manchester; Manchester by train to Hull; met by my husband and went to Tesco before getting home about 18 hours later. I slept a little on the plane but felt shattered; managed to sleep OK and felt better on Saturday morning. Worked on Saturday night and will do so again tonight then a few days off till next weekend.

After my little sleep on the plane, I watched a film called '33 Postcards'. It made be cry - a bit embarrassing on a plane!

Now I am itching to get sewing again. I received a beautiful big sewing storage box from a colleague for my birthday and am looking forward to doing a bit of organising. I also have an Easter swap to do, so I will be kept busy on my days off.

Sadly, I didn't get to visit any fabric shops in Bahrain as my daughter-in-law wasn't well for my last three days so I was fulfilling 'mother', 'grandma' and 'carer' rolls. I was glad to be there when I was needed. I'll post some photos when I'm not so tired and am more organised.


  1. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could go on thiese faraway trips without the need for such long journeys! I bet you had a wonderful time though and I'm sure there will be lots of fabulous photos for you to share x

  2. Wow what a journey! Even though you fullfilled many roles I hope your time was good? I'd love for you to email me as you're my Easter Swap partner :) xx