Monday, 25 March 2013

Baby Bag

A colleague ordered a baby bag to give to her friend who is expecting her second baby. The bag was not to be gender-specific so I chose yellow, although that is not a favourite colour of mine.

The outer fabric is polycotton drill and the inner lining is polycotton with a farmyard theme. There are plenty of internal pockets as well as a zippered pouch on a snap hook. There is a large outer pocket on the back of the bag and the strap is adjustable. I hope it will be useful and fit for purpose.



  1. I find your blog very interesting and your sewing is wonderful! I don't know why you doubt yourself on the appearance of your finished articles. The baby bag is lovely and compares with nothing that Claire (my daughter-in-law who recently became a Mum)has for Abigail.

  2. Thank you, Glynis! As usual, you are very supportive. I think that fact that a bag like this is unique makes it different and special. Finding the right fabric is so important. The bag is based on the Office Bag in Lisa Lam's book. xx

  3. I love yellow! Great bag Margaret.


  4. Thank you, Virna. Personally, I don't wear or use yellow for myself, nor orange, but this is a very nice yellow and suits the purpose.