Monday, 29 April 2013

Bags for Africa

I might not have blogged for a couple of weeks but I have been busy! I think I have now finished making all the gifts I'm taking to family and friends in South Africa. With less than ten days to our departure, I am beginning to feel excited! Fortunately, my husband and I take separate suitcases as we fly back a week apart; as it is, he wants to know if I intend taking any clothes as the pile of things to take is growing steadily without any clothes added to it!

So, here are some more bags that I've made:

Drawstring toy bags for my granddaughter, a great niece and great nephew, as well as one each for expected twins!

I call this the 'Bundu bag'. The fabric has animal prints on it and I've made it for a friend who, together with her husband, has recently opened a restaurant called 'Bundu Bistro'.

The Bundu Bag is embellished with a yo-yo and a cute hippo button.

I have another friend with whom I went through high school. She loves all things Celtic and I've made her a make-up bag out of some Celtic fabric I've had in my stash for a few years. The other make-up bag is for my daughter-in-law.

The zippered pencil cases are for my grandson and great nephew and the little princess wrist bag is for my granddaughter.

I have also made another friend a simple tote bag and yet another friend some criss cross coasters as a birthday present. No photos of those as I think there is a bit of 'photo overload' in this blog!

For a change of pace, I attended a knitting workshop at one of our local churches yesterday. We were shown a number of different patterns for knitting squares for blankets and I tried this one. It's knitted in one piece with decreasing on every alternate row to make the corners.

The final corner is sewn together to make a square. There's always something new to learn and it was fun meeting with some different people.



  1. My you have been busy, how lovely to take all these handmade gifts with you on your trip, have a wonderful time I'm sure there will be plenty of photos to show on your return xx

    1. Thanks, Tracy. Yes, I have been busy but I've enjoyed it, even all that bias tape I made for the drawstring bags!

  2. Wow, it looks like you've been in a sewing frenzy. All your handmade gifts are lovely and I'm sure everyone will love them. I'm so excited for you! Post lots of pictures of your vacation.

    Have a great time Margaret!


    1. Thank you, Virna! I hope that by this time next week I will have my suitcase packed!
      Sewing isn't finished yet, though - I'm off to make a slip cover for my ironing board. Some friends are coming to stay in our house while we're away and I don't want to leave my rather stained ironing board for her to use.

      Best wishes