Saturday, 25 August 2012

Bag within a bag

Yesterday I made something for myself! I take a tote bag to work and in it I usually have a bottle of water, coffee mug, small bottle of instant coffee (I drink decaffeinated, which isn't supplied at work), my snack box plus a banana. My personal items have been in a handbag I made some time ago.

I decided that it was a waste of a handbag to use it inside another bag so I made myself a large zippered pouch. It has a short strap handle on one side, two compartments inside and a strap with a snap hook on it. I hope I remember to put my car keys on the snap hook as I always seem to end up scratching around at the bottom of the tote bag for them! I also made a small coin purse that goes on the snap hook; I don't take my big purse to work as I seldom need money - just a few coins - but the little purse also has some pain killers in it in case my poor knees get too painful! There is enough room for any other personal items plus my diary and a spare pen.

As you can see, the pouch is quite big next to the tote bag. I used a 12 inch zip and the fabric might look familiar - it is the same as the fabric I used for my colleague's drawstring bag. I was given so much of it and am trying to use it up. I didn't make the tote bag; I bought it in South Africa and it has some lovely ethnic designs on the hidden side.

This afternoon I'm going to sit and listen to my book while I work on a cross stitch Disney Princess (Belle) for my granddaughter's birthday card. I love listening to audio books while I work!

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