Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Time to get organised!

Suddenly I have orders! Sew Christine, a wonderful bag designer whose blog I follow, suggested that a good way of advertising was to make and use a bag so that others could see it. Well, two of my colleagues admired my 'bag within a bag' at work and I have orders to make four of them with matching small zip bags. Three are to be identical and then one is different.

I also have an order for three identical black and white wristlets with lace butterfly motifs appliqued on them as well as one made with poppy fabric. It's quite a challenge finding fabric to suit a person's wishes; thank goodness for the internet and online shopping!

The lace butterflies and the poppy fabric should arrive in the post within the next couple of days. Tomorrow I need to sit down and make a list of everything I need to buy and then make a trip into Hull, our nearby city.

Time to get organised!


  1. Your bags are really nice so I'm not surprised that a lot of people are ordering from you. Great job Margaret!

    Happy Sewing : )

  2. Thank you for the mention. How great to be getting orders from people who have seen your bag. It is certainly the way forward! lovely blog btw. Just be careful, you'll find it's addictive. x

    1. Thanks for looking at my blog, Christine. I'm not very adventurous with it but it suits me for now.

      Best wishes