Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sometimes I bake!

I don't bake very often as it would mean that the Great Golfer and I would eat too much cake with unhappy results. I bake scones more than anything else, especially when I'm going to visit one of my friends whose husband won't let me in the door without scones in my hand! Scones are also the Great Golfer's favourite but not even I can make them like his Grandma used to!

However, yesterday I picked up the instore magazine at a supermarket and saw a recipe for Honey Cake. The description says: This is not a big tall cake - it's meant to be quite shallow. It has almost a slightly chewy texture and is bursting with honey flavour. The shallow bit really appealed to me; most of my cakes turn out shallow, intentionally or not, and some have been known to be rather chewy!

So, this morning I baked a Honey Cake.
It looks just like the picture in the recipe. And, yes, we had to do the taste test...

It really is full of honey flavour. I thought that, with all the honey that went into the cake mixture and was then drizzled over the warm cake, it would be sickly sweet but it's not. I've put some in my bag to take to my colleagues at work tonight; I hope they like it too!

Maybe my baking days are taking a turn for the better...


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  2. This seems really good! Could you send me the recipe, please? :) x

    1. Ok. I'll email it to your Mom's address.