Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pink flower wristlet

One of my colleagues has two sisters who both use walking sticks. They have found that small wristlet bags are ideal for use with a walking stick and I have made several for them, including two black and silver evening bags. Well, it's time for them to go on their summer holiday and I received a photo of a pair of cream and pink sandals with a request to make a cream bag with a pink flower on it.

I tried different flowers but decided on an applique flower as I thought it wouldn't catch on anything and, maybe, get pulled off the bag. I used cream 100% cotton for the outer bag and strap and pink 100% cotton for the flower petals. The inner circle of the flower is from a scrap of contrasting fabric I had. There is a matching flower on either side of the bag. I lined the bag with compact fleece (Vilene Thermolan) to give it body and squared off the bottom corners.

Do you see how convenient it is with a walking stick? It means the other hand is free to carry a tote bag or hold a grandchild's hand.

I was all ready to make a black and white wristlet but I don't have a white zip - so frustrating when the nearest shop where I can buy zips is in the centre of the city about 30 minutes away!

On the baking front: I went to visit my friend on Thursday and, as I walked into her house, her husband's hand appeared around the sitting room door. Fortunately, I had a packet of six scones to place in it! I had also left four at home for the Great Golfer to enjoy after his 18 holes.


  1. Oh Margaret, that is such a cute wristlet! A wristlet is on my list of project to do. I'm currently making a pirate costume for a boy's 7th birthday party.

    Happy sewing and baking - it seems that you're baking quite a few delicious goods lately : )

    1. Thanks, Virna. I'm sure you'll do a great job when you make a wristlet.

      I am relieved that I don't have to make fancy dress costumes for children. There wasn't a demand for that type of thing when my sons were small - a long time ago as they are now 42 and 40!

      Best wishes,